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Information for Children

What happens at the Liaison Team?

The people at the Liaison Team listen to you and talk with your family about the problem. Whatever you say to the Liaison Team is private. This means that we do not gossip about things you say. We would only talk with other people if we were worried about you and thought that they could help.   Sometimes it helps to play or draw while you talk and listen.  


What is the Paediatric Liaison Team?

At the Liaison Team there are adults who are interested in helping children with their worries and problems. We have been asked to meet with you and your family to see if we can help.  


Who goes to the Paediatric Liaison Team?

Lots of people! All families find it hard to cope with problems sometimes. When a person has a problem with their body it can be especially hard. When problems are causing upset or worry in the family it can help to talk about them with someone else. Families who want to sort out problems come to the Liaison Team:

“I came here because I was ill and my doctor thought that the Liaison Team could help”    

“I came here to talk about things I was scared about”    

“I was so worried”   

“I felt ill and was very worried”    

“I could not sleep”  


Things that people have said about coming to the Liaison Team:   

“I was worried about meeting other people and being shy when I saw them”   

Everyone finds it hard to meet new people sometimes. We will try our best to help you feel less worried.      

“My family saw two people at the Liaison Team - a nurse and a doctor”   

Quite often families will see two people from the team so that you can have someone to talk to on your own if you want to.      

“Am I going to get into trouble?”   

We are here to help you and your family and not to give you a row. Everyone is important and everyone gets listened to.      

“I wish someone had told me that there is nothing to be worried about”      

“The Liaison Team listened to me without thinking badly of me”.      

“They help people”      

“I worked through one problem at a time”    


Where will I see the Liaison Team?

• If you are a patient in the hospital, we will come to your ward and see you there.

• If you are at home, we will see you in one of our rooms in the Royal Hospital for Children. We will tell you in your appointment letter where you will need to come to see us.

• Sometimes we will visit your school to see if we can help there. We would check this out with you first.