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Learning Disability CAMHS (LDCAMHS)

Templeton Business Centre
Templeton Street
Building 3, Floor 4
Glasgow, G40 1DA

Who is the service for?

The team provides a service for children and young people (5 to 17 years) who have a moderate to severe level of learning disability and who also have mental health problems – difficulties at school or at home, with relationships or with the way that they feel. This may be expressed in the way that they behave, changes in their mood, or in their day-to-day coping skills.  

Many young people find it hard to make sense of their experience of growing up and a number of them may need some help with this. This is particularly true of people with a learning disability who may have difficulties in understanding situations, in expressing themselves, or who have fewer opportunities to learn about becoming older and more independent.  

We cover the Glasgow post code areas, and are based within the East CHCP.

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What does the service do?  

This is a community-based service for children and young people and their families or carers. We offer outpatient appointments at a clinic nearer to the family home and also visit at home or at school, as appropriate. We seek to give individuals, families and others closely involved with them a chance to discuss their concerns. However more often will join with the family, school, health services provided through the school, social work services, etc, in reviews or discussions to think together about the difficulties and how best to help.  

The team is experienced in working with children and young people and with people with learning disabilities and can help with ideas and suggestions about how to understand and tackle problems.  

Team members  

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Clinical Nurse Specialist Consultant Psychiatrist Nurse Therapists Clinical Psychologists Support Workers Speech & Language Therapists Occupational Therapist  

The service is staffed Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. We are based at The Templeton Business Centre, Block 3, 62 Templeton St, Glasgow G40 1DW. Tel: 0141 277 7515  

How to get help from the service  

You can be seen by the team by asking your GP, Social Worker, school, educational psychologist, or school doctor to make a referral.  

Your first contact with the team  

You would normally know that you were being referred to the service as referrers are required to discuss this with you first to get your agreement.   

When the referral is received we will contact you by letter to offer you a triage appointment with members of the team who would carry out an assessment. This may be held at our base or a base closer to your home, or in your school. 

A triage appointment would normally last 1 - 1½ hours. We usually like to see the person referred and one or more members of their family. In this first meeting we will talk with you about your concerns/ areas of difficulty. If we need to find out more information from, for example, school, social work, doctor, we will discuss this with you then. Alternatively members of the team may meet with you and others involved. This may be at a school review/social work case conference/school health review/meeting of all professionals and agencies involved. This is often a useful way to discuss the nature of the identified problem, roles of agencies and professionals, and how we may contribute best to this network.  

If you or someone attending with you has a physical disability, please let us know so that we can ensure that ground level accommodation is available. If you receive social security benefits, you may be entitled to help with travel costs to and from any clinic by public transport. Please bring with you your travel tickets and benefit books. Please note that all hospitals and clinics in Glasgow have a no smoking policy. You are therefore requested not to smoke either in the waiting area or the interview rooms.