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Direct Access DXA Service (DADS)

DADS provides assessment of fracture risk including assessment for osteoporosis in patients referred by their GPs on the basis that they have ≥1 agreed specific referral criterion. These criteria include past history of fracture and treatment with steroids (see below). Patients attend a 'one-stop' clinic with Osteoporosis Nurse Specialist consultation including DXA scan.

Direct Access DXA Service (DADS) is a service for GPs & AHPs, that provides routine assessment of fracture risk and for osteoporosis to men & women who must have at least one of the following criteria:

i)               past history of low trauma fractures, at any skeletal site except skull fractures (occurring outwith RTA and not in fall from above head height) in men or women age >50 years,

ii)             use of at least 5mg Prednisolone per day for >3 months – ongoing or starting steroids with that expectation of treatment

iii)            age >60 and early menopause under age 45 (without HRT),

iv)            age >60 and acquired kyphosis

v)              age >60 and significant self-reported height loss

vi)            age >60 and first-degree relative with history of low trauma fracture,

vii)           age >60 and first-degree relative with kyphosis,

viii)         age >60 and first-degree relative with DXA-proven osteoporosis,

ix)           use of Depo-provera for more than five years where result of DXA will influence management.

x)             Monitoring – as recommended in previous DADS / FLS/ Bone or Mineral Metabolism Clinic assessment  (usually 5years after last scan).

Click here to download DADS referral form (StaffNet users only)

DADS is effected by Osteoporosis Nurse Specialists (ONSs) who run a “one-stop” clinic at which DXA is performed, blood samples are taken (where appropriate) and treatment for secondary fracture prevention is selected according to protocol (when necessary).  In addition, education regarding osteoporosis and fracture prevention are provided. Patients are directed to exercise programmes appropriate to their level of functioning. DADS will also refer patients over 65 to the falls services where appropriate.  The figure briefly summarises the elements of the care package provided by DADS.

All patients who are started on treatment to reduce their future fracture risk are invited to attend an educational afternoon.

This invitation is sent between 6 and 12 months of starting treatment. The aim is to empower patients through knowledge of osteoporosis and its management.

Who provides DADS in the different centres?

Hospital Administrative Contact
Royal Alexandra Audrey Cameron – 0141 314 7154
Inverclyde Royal Infirmary Emma Van –Zyl – 01475 54403
Southern General Margaret Campbell – 0141 201 1769
Royal Infirmary Sandra Aitken - 0141 211 5824
Western Infirmary Mary Gray /Fiona McNeil – 0141 211 2135