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Perinatal Mental Health Service and West of Scotland Mother & Baby Unit

Scotland’s first Mother & Baby Unit was opened in Sept 2004 at the city’s Southern General Hospital site. As part of the modernisation programme the now named West of Scotland Mother & Baby Unit relocated to Leverndale Hospital in January 2014.

Why is perinatal mental health important?

Around 1 in 10 women will experience postnatal depression after having a baby. However depression and anxiety are equally as common during pregnancy. Most women recover with help from their GP, health visitor and midwife, and with support from family and friends. However severe depression requires additional help from mental health services.

The symptoms of postnatal depression are similar to those in depression at other times. These include low mood, sleep and appetite problems, poor motivation and pessimistic or negative thinking.

Two in 1000 women will experience postpartum psychosis. The symptoms of this illness can come on quite rapidly, often within the first few days or weeks after delivery, and can include high mood (mania), depression, confusion, hallucinations (odd experiences) and delusions (unusual beliefs). Admission to an MBU is advised for most women, accompanied by their baby. Women usually make a full recovery but treatment is urgently necessary if symptoms of postpartum psychosis develop.

West of Scotland MBU

Virtual tour of the West of Scotland Mother & Baby Unit

The MBU admits women in later stages of pregnancy or women and their babies under 12 months old who are experiencing severe mental illness.  The six bedded unit enables mothers to be supported in caring for their baby whilst having care and treatment for a range of mental illnesses including postnatal depression, postpartum psychosis, severe anxiety and eating disorders. Maintaining this contact is critical to the wellbeing of both mother and baby as it not only aids the mother’s recovery but also strengthens the mother-infant  relationship and infant development.

The unit is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals including; psychiatrists, mental health nurses, nursery nurses, a social worker, psychologist, health visitor, nursing assistants, administrators and sessions from other health disciplines as required. The unit offers a wide range of medical, psychological and psychosocial interventions to women from across the West of Scotland.

Referrals to the unit are accepted from mental health professionals, general practitioners, health visitors and maternity staff for assessment by our team. For referrals from out with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, the woman should be assessed by a local psychiatrist in the first instance.

The West of Scotland MBU serves the following NHS boards

  • Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Ayrshire and Arran
  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • Lanarkshire
  • Western Isles

Admission can be agreed from other board areas following discussion with the team.

Perinatal Mental Health Service for NHS GGC

The Perinatal Mental Health Team - the community part of the service - currently covers the whole of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. The multi-disciplinary community team is co-located with the inpatient service and provides care and treatment to the majority of women who do not require inpatient care.


Contact us
Perinatal Mental Health Service &
West of Scotland MBU
Leverndale Hospital
510 Crookston Road
Glasgow G53 7TU
Tel: 0141 211 6500
Direct dial MBU: 0141 211 6539