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What is psychosis

You may be aware of feeling very stressed or worried lately, and you may have spoken to your GP or someone close to you about this. You might have noticed some unusual experiences or feelings which can often be frightening or make you worry more. You might have started having problems at home, with other people or when you leave the house.

When someone is under stress, it can affect them in many ways. Some people notice changes in their body, such as sleep pattern or their interest in food. People also notice changes in how they feel or think, and the things they do.

When people get very distressed or worried a whole range of unusual experiences can occur at the same time. Within mental health services, this is often referred to as psychosis.

This can be frightening or overwhelming for people; especially if it seems those around them do not understand what is happening. 

Esteem is a team set up city wide to provide a dedicated service for people experiencing their first episode of psychosis. The team offers advice, support, treatment and various interventions.