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About Us

Glasgow and Clyde Specialist Weight Management Service

Our aim is:

 ‘To establish a weight management pathway of care, from prevention through to the management of severe and complex obesity, which is evidence based and equitable across NHS GG&C Board’

   GCSWMS is an award winning service

  • NHS Diamond Healthy Lifestyle Award in 2008
  • National Obesity Forum Best Practice Award 2006

The Glasgow and Clyde Specialist Weight Management Service (GCSWMS) is a specialist service for adults, aged over 18 years, served by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Find out more about our team and the structure of our service.

The service includes: 

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Whole System Approach to Weight Management


Glasgow & Clyde Specialist Weight Management Service (GCSWMS) is the Level 3 specialist tier of the Whole System Approach developed by NHSGGC.


This approach recognises the importance of prevention of weight gain and offers a comprehensive service aimed at prevention of overweight to the pharmacological and surgical intervention in severe and complex obesity.

Evidence Based

All programmes and resources within NHSGGC are underpinned by GCSWMS evidence base.

Quality Assured

All programme leaders have been trained by GCSWMS or their Community Dietetic colleagues to ensure quality and consistency of practice.

How the system works

This Whole System Approach is aimed at supporting the population of NHSGGC to maintain a healthy weight. 

It does this through a range of local support programmes targeted at preventing weight increasing to the next level.

It involves Public Health, NHS, Education and Local Authorities working together.

Access to each level of the system is through BMI category. 

Level 1 Healthy Weight Initiatives

Whole Population

Programmes aimed at maintaining healthy weight in the whole population are available at this level  and these can be accessed throughout the community. They range from infant and school programmes , for example Weaning Fayres, Hungry for Success and Active Schools and family and adult initiatives such as  Health walks, Cycle routes and Glasgow Life Programmes for more information see our Local links pages.

Level 2 Community Programmes

BMI 25 or more with a related health condition

This level provides a range of structured programmes for those who are overweight or obese looking at increasing physical activity, dietary and behaviour change. Some have been developed by the NHS in partnership with local authorities and are delivered in a range of local venues for example live active or as part of our community service in partnership with commercial companies i.e. Weight Watchers. For more information see our Local links pages

Level 3 Specialist Service

BMI 45 or more and BMI 30 or more with related health conditions

At this level there is direct contact with the GCSWMS clinical service. For more information see our programme.

GCSWMS accepts referrals from General Practitioners and hospital consultants/doctors within NHSGGC and by Self Referral with BMI >30 and Diabetes

Self Referral booking center number is 0141 211 3379.

Patient Stories

Find out what our patients have to say about our award winning Weight Management Programme.

 Referral to GCSWMS

Find out more about referral into our service.



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