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Why Brief Intervention?

Essentially a brief intervention is a relaxed conversation between two people about alcohol use and how it affects their lives.

Here the website is one of those people and the other is you.

A brief intervention also offers us an opportunity to look at our alcohol use and decide whether or not it has the potential for immediate or long-term harm to our health and well-being.

A brief intervention also helps us make decisions on whether or not to make small changes in our drinking behaviour to reduce that harm.

See here for a more detailed explanation on brief intervention

 So What Does This Website Offer?

The website has a self-assessment questionnaire, including a drinks diary with easy to follow instructions on how to use and interpret the results.

The results will give you a quick and accurate picture of how much you are drinking and whether you are at risk of causing yourself any harm. This will normally take around 10 minutes to complete.

The website uses the most up to date research and technology to provide the most accurate and reliable results possible.

Always remember, however, the results are only as accurate as the information you enter. By not entering as accurate information as possible will only result in you receiving wrong information about your drinking pattern.

This website also has infomation about alcohol, its effects and risks as well as loads of interesting facts you may not know about.

So why not take time to explore the site or you could even take the assessment first then explore the site afterwards    


All the information entered is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party. Some of the information may be collected & used by Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board to help plan future services but none of the data used could identify any individual.