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Healthier Changes

Always eat before you drink alcohol.

Food not only gives us more energy but also ensures alcohol takes a lot longer to get into the bloodstream. This also reduces your chances of getting drunk as well as reducing the chances of possible physical damage to your body.

Drinking sensibly also means having a meal before or during the drinking of alcohol.

Eating while drinking also reduces the chances of alcohol irritating the stomach lining, which as well as reducing the chances of indigestion, bleeding, or ulcers also reduces the chances of you throwing up!

Staying within the sensible limits is enjoyable. Just having that warm glow and not being drunk after drinking alcohol is enjoyable.

Make your drinks last longer by using taller glasses with more mixer. Drinks like spritzers are good for this giving longer drinking time with less alcohol and more enjoyment.

Try and take smaller sips when drinking and always ensure your glass is placed down after a sip. People drink faster when they keep a hold of their drink rather than giving it a standing rest.

Remember to try and enjoy the taste of alcohol.....Necking it, holding your nose and downing it, downing in one, bombing it, shotguning it! Is definitely not sensible drinking...

To drink sensibly means enjoying the taste and not getting into the drinking of alcohol just for effect.

Having something other than alcohol to occupy yourself when drinking also helps reduce the amount you drink.  Not only food but live bands, entertainment, games, etc all help us enjoy ourselves socially without drinking too much alcohol.

Alcohol is a toxic liquid, that the liver finds hard to break down, process, and filter out of the body.  The liver always finds it hard work getting rid of alcohol from the body.

It takes the body 1 hour to process 1 unit of alcohol.

Therefore If you drink six pints of normal strength lager in one sitting, some alcohol will still be in your body mor than twelve hours after drinking the first pint.

If you are regularly drinking alcohol try and give yourself a liver detox every week by making sure you have at least two days alcohol free per week……preferably together.

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