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Avoiding Rounds

When going on a night out always think about how much you are willing, or can afford, to spend on alcohol?

Try and stick to this amount.

 Take only this amount of money with you including your BFH (bus fare home).

There is always someone drinking faster than everyone else.

Make every effort to ensure that you never make your own drinking behaviour dependent on other peoples drinking behaviour.  Better still encourage the fastest drinker to drink at the slowest drinkers pace.

Get yourself a strategy for round buying especially if you want to avoid drinking at the same pace of the fastest drinker in the round.

Drinking water every second or alternative drink will help.

Water does not contain sugar or caffeine therefore reduces your chances of dehydration or a hangover in the morning.

If you are not drinking water then a soft drink every second round will also help.

Many soft drinks look like alcoholic drinks such as club sodas, soda water and orange juice, Tonic water and lime or blackcurrant....Even water with ice cubes and a twist of lemon gives that psychological edge when in a pub or restuarant!

In fact practically all soft drinks can be made to look like alcohol.

Or even better still just opt out of rounds altogether!

Also get into the habit of declining to join a kitty.  Apart from the psychological stress of wondering if your getting your money's worth, or why someone is drinking more than their moneys worth, it again stops you drinking at the pace of the fastest drinker!

Remember to try and enjoy the taste of alcohol. To drink sensibly means enjoying the taste and not getting into rounds and drinking just to keep up with the fastest drinker.

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