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Greater Glasgow & Clyde

In Greater Glasgow and Clyde almost 70 out of every 100,000 adult

36% had had a drink less than eight hours before the interview

84.9% were men who had been injured in fights or attacks

Around 65% of those who had been attacked thought their assailant had been drinking alcohol

31.3% of women had self harmed

26.8% of women had accidents

26% of interviewees thought they had an alcohol problem

In the City of Glasgow in 2005/6, there were 6,136 hospital admissions for alcohol-related issues.

It is estimated that the cost of violent crime in Glasgow City, of which many are alcohol related, is £262.1 million. In Glasgow City, one in five deaths, casualties or rescues as a result of a house fire had "being drunk" as a main contributory circumstance.

It is estimated there are 13,650 problem alcohol users in Glasgow City area alone - 20% of which are women and 80% men.

males die from cirrhosis of the liver every year.

Across Greater Glasgow and Clyde cases of liver cirrhosis have almost doubled over the past 10 years. In 1995 there were 150 deaths attributed to the disease, by 2005 that figure was 291.

Greater Glasgow and Clyde cirrhosis death rates are double that of the rest of Scotland.

In a survey of 2,031 patients who attended one of five Greater Glasgow A&E
departments over one week: