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Weight Gain

Alcohol and weight gain can be a problematic combination that we often forget about.

Drinking alcohol often leads to eating more food than normal, like that late night trip to the chip-shop after a drinking session. This, when added to the calorific value of those drinks, inevitably leads to weight gain.

Alcohol robs our bodies of vital vitamins and nutrients. It is also a diuretic which makes us want to pee a lot when drinking.  This combination leads to the brain looking for a carbohydrate boost after drinking alcohol hence the late night raiding of the fridge......or worse still the visit to the chippy, pizza, or kebab shop!

If you’re concerned about weight gain you should consider cutting down your alcohol intake.

Alcoholic drinks often contain more calories than we think.

As a quick guide to calories & alcohol:

-  One 750ml bottle of red wine is equal to 510 calories or a McDonalds quarter pounder with cheese (a bottle of white has 555 calories).

-  One pint of Cider is equal to 200 calories on average or a 40g bag of Doritos Extreme Chilli Heatwave.

-  One can of strong lager is equal to 240 calories or a 49g bar 0f Cadburys Fruit & Nut.

-  One bottle of Alco pops (Bacardi Breezer, Smirnoff Ice, etc) is equal to around 170 calories on average, or half of a Dominos,10-inch ultimate pepperoni feast Pizza.

-  A 25ml measure of whisky is equal to 55 calories or a Kit Kat finger.

-  A 70cl bottle of whisky is equal to 1800 calories equal to more than 2 meat samosas followed by a chicken tikka masala meal with pilau rice & a nan bread (1700 calories on average).

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