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Emotional Risks

Many emotional risks are associated with alcohol use. These risks are well documented including, aggression, heightened moods (elation one minute to depression the next), confusion and memory loss. 

However perhaps not so well known are:

Sleep problems
Alcohol can help us nod off but even small amounts prevent that deep sleep we need to feel alert and refreshed when awake.

Mental health problems
Alcohol is a significant risk factor for poor mental health and illness. Alcohol can be the cause and can increase anxiety and depression. This is partly because it uses up our stores of the natural brain chemicals that calm us and lift our mood.

Alcohol depresses the central nervous system therefore often we drink more to forget or avoid difficult situations.  This can result in those feelings being magnified resulting in feeling more depressed or aggressive.

People living with mental health problems often drink alcohol as a form of self medication which again will magnify any problems as well as increasing the physical risks of regular harmful or risky alcohol use.

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