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Benefits of Reducing

There are many benefits of reducing your alcohol consumption.

These will be different for everyone but may include:

Our bodies are not designed for too much alcohol.  The physical benefits of reducing your alcohol use are massive and include: 

  • Clearer and healthier skin
  • Losing weight instead of gaining it
  • Having  more self respect and self esteem
  • Having more energy to take up other interests
  • Reduced anxiety
  • No hangovers
  • Reduced risk of many forms of cancer

Financial, Social and Psychological

  • Alcohol can be expensive therefore you will have more money
  • Reducing the chances of being involved in fights  
  • Reducing the chances of unsafe sex and unplanned pregnancies  
  • Maintaining more respect from your peers  
  • Improved relationships with your friends and family
  • Feeling good and much better about yourself  
  • Have more time for other interests and other people
  • Be more productive and alert at work

If you know alcohol is impacting on other parts of your life try and work through the pro’s and con’s of why you use alcohol.

In other words ask yoursef what the benefits of continuing to use alcohol regularly are? Then ask yourself what the disadvantages are?  Then why not ask yoursef what the benefits would be if you just reduced your drinking behaviour.

Remember a small change can have a huge positive impact on your life.

Why not click here & use the self-assessment tool or click here for agencies who may be able to help & support you.