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Sensible Drinking

Ninety per-cent (90%) of the adult population in Scotland drink alcohol, or to put it another way, nine out of every ten adults in Scotland drinks alcohol.

Any consumption of alcohol can carry risks after all it is a toxic poison!

However there are recommended sensible limits to alcohol use with least risk to our health.

It is advisable to ensure that at least two days of the week are alcohol free and that on the other five days we consume no more than three units for a woman or four units for a man.

Why not visit here for an explanation on units

So why the difference for men and women?

Men's bodies have more water and as alcohol does not travel well in water it means it takes slightly longer to affect men than it does women.

A women’s liver does not process alcohol as quickly as a man's, hence the difference in sensible limits.

If we drink at sensible levels then risks to our health are minimised.

Remember any alcohol during pregnancy is not recommended.

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A binge drink is defined as drinking twice the maximum daily sensible limit at any one time which is 6 units for a woman and 8 units for a man.

Remember that the sensible drinking and driving limit is no alcohol when driving.

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