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Alcohol Brief Intervention

If any further help or information is required then please email here        

Why Brief Intervention?     

What is a Brief Intervention?   

Who is this site for? 

This site is for everyone who drinks alcohol.  Whether you drink once a year, once a week, or every day this website is for you.

Who is this site not for?

Although this site is for everyone who drinks alcohol it is not really ideal for dependent alcohol drinkers.

There are, however, pages here where further information and support can be found if you are, or you know someone who is, a dependent drinker

It is also not ideal for children, or young adults, under eighteen-years-old.

This is an, over eighteen, adult focussed website where the questions asked and answers given are designed for adults.

However that is not to say children will not find the information here interesting or educational.

If you are under sixteen and wish to find out more about alcohol and drinking then there are other websites and agencies here that you may find more appropriate and interesting.

What is Sensible Drinking?

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                Risks to Health

                      Urgent Help

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