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Team Brief 2017

Team Brief is the monthly communication to all staff from the Chief Executive which is cascaded throughout the organisation to give local managers the opportunity to add to the core corporate messages and localise them. A feedback facility ensures that Team Brief addresses the issues raised by staff.

A full archive of Team Brief is available on StaffNet (you must be on the NHS network to access).

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Team Brief - March 2018

In this edition Jane talks about: Staff cash fund opens; Data laws are changing; Beatson documentary is coming; and Carers Act

Staff cash fund open for bids
I was delighted to hear that our endowments committee approved a fund of up to £50,000 to support local NHS 70th anniversary celebrations.

Although the anniversary of the NHS is not until July 5th individual members of staff or staff teams can now apply for funding to help stage an event or exhibition.

Our colleagues on the endowment committee are hoping to drive up enthusiasm to mark the platinum anniversary in local communities or hospitals.

The only condition for funding support is that whatever is being planned should focus on the continual evolution of healthcare since 1948 and the on-going need for transformational change in the years ahead. Another focus might be to encourage support for organ donation or blood donation.

Details of how to apply will be issued through our Core Brief system, in our Staff Newsletter and on the Hot Topics section of our StaffNet.

Data laws are changing
There are few organisations handling more personal data than the NHS so it is vital we all know what we should store and what we shouldn’t – and importantly how we register and record what information we have.

On May 25th the existing Data Protection Act is replaced with a new set of regulations known simply as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Isobel Brown, our Head of Information Governance, and her team have cut through the complex legislation to create easy to use fact sheets for NHS staff and I urge all staff to make full use of this resource and attend any of the GDPR information road shows that will be touring our Health Board premises – dates and venues to be issued locally over the next few weeks.

Beatson documentary series coming to BBC
I was privileged to see a preview of a documentary made for the BBC. It featured many of our staff and several patients as they went through their cancer treatments. It made me tremendously proud of the services, the skills and the compassion that our staff deliver to people when they are so desperately vulnerable. There are three one hour documentaries each focussed on a number of patients going through three different cancer treatments – prostate, breast and lung.

The films show how modern medicine and new techniques are transforming patient outcomes. The exact dates for broadcast are not yet finalised but I was told they would likely be shown in May. I have asked that any trailer clips and exact dates for broadcast are shared with staff as soon as they are available.

Carers Act
On 1st April 2018, new legislation comes into place which requires, by law that carers are involved in discussions and decisions about the person they care for, before they are discharged from hospital.

We know that families, friends and carers are vital in supporting us to plan and deliver safe and effective care. The act formalises this and ensures that, when a patient has ongoing needs, we identify their carer without delay and involve them in planning their discharge.

We want to ensure carers are recognised and valued for the information they can provide and that they are updated on the

patient’s support needs and are able to give us their views on what is required for discharge.

That is why we are committed to Identifying, Involving and Supporting carers.

Work is currently underway to ensure that staff are ready and know what is expected of them from 1st April, including new carer resources, changes to patient documentation, and carer awareness training, available on LearnPro.

I would encourage everyone directly involved in patient care to complete the training and ensure that they know their responsibilities under the Act.


Jane Grant, Chief Executive