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Team Brief 2017

Team Brief is the monthly communication to all staff from the Chief Executive which is cascaded throughout the organisation to give local managers the opportunity to add to the core corporate messages and localise them. A feedback facility ensures that Team Brief addresses the issues raised by staff.

A full archive of Team Brief is available on StaffNet (you must be on the NHS network to access).

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Team Brief - May 2018

Pride in BBC showcase of Beatson - Now it's lights, camera, action at GRI

The BBC documentary series The Cancer Hospital has captured brilliantly the hopes and emotions of patients as well as the progress in technologies and treatments that our staff are able to use.

It is little wonder the first two programmes attracted huge audiences and fantastically positive feedback from viewers. These real scenarios tell a powerful and positive story of modern medicine, compassionate healthcare, cutting edge technology and progress.

All too often the image presented to the public of our NHS is negative… which is why we should all be proud of all those who agreed to facilitate and participate in these programmes – and of the patients who told their stories so openly.

The last in the series screens tomorrow night (Wednesday 9th May).

I can, however, “broadcast exclusively” to you that another BBC documentary series may be in the offing later this year – this time at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. 

Greatly encouraged by MFT progress

Our Moving Forward Together programme has engaged and involved more than 600 of our clinicians over recent months. The level of enthusiasm and support for transformational change in the way we design and deliver services is very encouraging.

A recent event in Glasgow City Chambers to brainstorm ideas and discuss opportunities for change was a hugely positive session with more than 275 key staff representing every part of our organisation and its key partners.

Our on-going site sessions to engage with local hospital and community teams are being delivered to staff on acute hospital sites and in community centres to give further local opportunity to get involved.

These are being well attended and will continue throughout May. Click here to view the dates which are hosted on StaffNet

Stakeholder reference groups have been closely involved in helping to shape how best to communicate and engage with the wider public and you will all start to see this activity over the weeks and months ahead.

I am sure all NHS staff appreciate the need to transform services and change how we use our resources to deliver safe and sustainable healthcare to a rapidly changing demographic of population needs. I firmly believe that with staff support we can take this great opportunity to make transformational change that will benefit patient care and gain the support of our patients and the local communities we serve.

Small Change Matters ideas flood in

The ideas have been flowing in from staff since the re-invigorated Small Change Matters campaign last week. Within a few hours of the launch more than 200 staff had filled in online forms and submitted their ideas.  Our Financial Improvement Programme (FIP) team now have the task of evaluating all the ideas and helping the best of them to be worked and delivered.

Ideas have come in from ward teams, staff in labs, facilities teams, from clinicians and from pharmacists. I am really looking forward to hearing more detail from the FIP team about how your ideas can deliver great efficiencies for our Health Board and so ensure every NHS pound is spent productively.

Thank you very much for your ideas so far – keep them coming!

HIV I am positive

Thanks to advances in treatment people with HIV are living a very different, longer life from those diagnosed with HIV years ago.

Like everyone else, people with HIV may need to attend a range of health services for problems that are not HIV-related.

While the vast majority of staff are well informed about the condition and are confident about treating patients who live with HIV, feedback suggests that some patients are still experiencing discrimination and stigma when engaging with our services.

Discrimination has no place in NHSGGC so I am pleased to support the HIV positive campaign that has been launched to provide colleagues with information about HIV and ensure that patients with HIV aren’t treated differently.

The campaign will run over the next four months and includes training opportunities and an advice line for professionals run by our colleagues in Sandyford. Look out for further details in the Staff Newsletter and in our dedicated web pages:

Comments/feedback: [email protected]

Jane Grant, Chief Executive