Statutory & mandatory learning required by staff

The online learning management system, LearnPro, is the digital platform used by NHSGGC to host learning content, including modules that support the statutory and mandatory learning required by all staff employed within NHSGGC.

LearnPro tracks the learning and assessment activity for each individual member of staff registered on the platform.

For accurate and timely monitoring of personal and organisational compliance with statutory/mandatory training, everyone is required to ensure they have their pay number recorded in LearnPro as their identification number.

This number will ensure that all personal learning activity will be correctly linked to the department you work within.

Currently, the human resources learning and education team are checking that all NHSGGC LearnPro users are using the correct identification number in their learning account.

If this number doesn’t meet one of the following formats, you should receive a prompt from the LearnPro system when you log in requesting that you update the identification number in your account:

  • C followed by six numbers and X
  • C followed by seven numbers
  • G followed by six numbers and X
  • G followed by seven numbers.

If you need to make a change to your identification number please follow the step-by-step guide below.

Your learning account will not be affected by changing your identification number.

If you have any questions about making changes to your identification number, please contact [email protected]