Make sure flu doesn’t get you!

THE harsh reality is that flu can kill! And the best way to protect yourself is to get the vaccine.

Jennifer Reid, public health programme manager said: “Flu can kill – it’s as simple as that and staff should be protecting themselves and those around them from flu; taking just a few minutes to get the jag could save your life this winter.

“Some 12,267 staff have already received the vaccine so far this year and we would like to thank you for protecting yourself, your patients and your family this year. A big thank you also goes to the staff who have been vaccinating colleagues, including occupational health staff and peer immunisers.”

If you didn’t manage to attend one of the drop-in clinics, you can still receive the vaccine and protect yourself, your family and your patients. You can either receive the vaccine through peer immunisation or by appointment at occupational health, which can be arranged by tel: 0141 201 0600 and selecting Option 1 to make an appointment. If you could vaccinate your colleagues against flu through peer immunisation please email: [email protected] for further information.

Carol Sellar, a nursing support sister based at GRI, is a peer immuniser. Speaking to SN, she said: “I feel it is important for staff to have easy access to the flu vaccine. Therefore I go to the wards and departments and this saves staff leaving their place of work.

“In my experience, staff are delighted that they can have the vaccine at work and that I go to them as a lot of staff have not been able to leave their place of work. So far I have vaccinated 362 staff from all areas of the hospital including nursing, medical, facilities and pharmacy staff.”

People with flu can show no symptoms, meaning healthcare workers who feel relatively fit and healthy can unwittingly infect vulnerable patients. Don’t let that be you! Getting vaccinated is the best way to stop the spread of flu and prevent deaths.