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We are all familiar with the NHS Scotland Staff Survey and what it aims to achieve. Last year, the Scottish Government “paused” the survey to give Boards time to roll out iMatter, which is a new and more locally focused staff engagement tool for capturing opinions and encouraging staff to talk about what works and what could be improved.

iMatter is a short questionnaire based on the Staff Governance Standards and only takes five minutes to complete .

Most of our workforce will have taken part in iMatter during this year and those of you who haven’t will almost certainly take part in the next 12 months.

Reports from the directorates and teams who have completed iMatter have been very positive. It has given staff a more direct way of commenting on their local team, how well they work as a team and what needs to improve.

Action plans are agreed for each team which ensure that the improvements are made and the questionnaire is then run annually to monitor how things have changed.

Early indications show that the system works better online than on paper and now the challenge is to overcome this disadvantage.

One solution will be to create more opportunities for staff without access to a PC to use “staff community” PCs located in easily accessible areas.

All Partnerships will adopt iMatter during 2017 following the encouraging results from early adopter Inverclyde HSCP.

If you want to find out more about iMatter, go to StaffNet and visit the iMatter portal (it sits within the existing FTFT section).