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Data amnesty month

THIS month sees the introduction of our first Data Amnesty Month, an amnesty for everyone whose information is currently out of date on the global address list (GAL).

Rather than receive the standard email “YOU MUST COMPLY OR YOU WILL BE DELETED” (must be read in a robotic voice) message, Data Amnesty Month gives you the opportunity to take control of your own information and show the rest of the organisation that you’re proud of your role and that you want people to be able to contact you when they need to.

Launching the initiative, Anne MacPherson, director of human resources and organisational development, said: “We’ve all been there: you need to contact someone... all you need is their phone number... you check the GAL... there’s the number... you dial and... they no longer work there!

“This can set you off on a virtual mystery tour across the organisation as you’re passed from one area to another trying to contact your original person – what should have been simple becomes time consuming and frustrating.

“In an organisation of our size, it’s extremely important that we are all able to contact one another easily, we should all be able to follow and understand the hierarchy within our own services – who works where and how to reach them.

“This amnesty is the first step in helping us to produce a fully populated searchable, accurate directory. It will give us the ability to send targeted messages, announcements and electronic forms to staff based on their own information; site, department, division or job rather than sending out ‘blanket emails’. The improved directory information will also help reduce missed communications and assist us with improved reporting functions on staff details for iMatter, eEss, Datix etc.

“We all know who we are and where we work, so let’s make sure all of our colleagues know this too.”

STEP 1: Check your details on the GAL – do they accurately reflect who you are, name, telephone number, base, line manager, job title. Even if you think your details are up to date, please check – it’s particularly important who you’ve assigned as your line manager.

STEP 2: Click on the data amnesty button on the front page of StaffNet and fill in your details and hit submit – it’s that easy.

STEP 3: Sit back and be in with a chance to win £20 in gift vouchers every month, donated by our friends in Staff Benefits, just for having your own information accurate and up to date – what could be easier?

So don’t delay – update YOUR data today!