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Be cyber safe at work and home

A strong password is your first and best defence against cyber criminals.

Hackers can use your email, social media and online banking accounts to gain access to all your personal details, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.

The best security in the world is useless if a malicious person has your username and password.

Passwords are your keys to your online life – it’s just like locking your front door or your car: keep them safe and don’t have the same key for every lock. So the use of strong passwords is essential in order to protect your security and identity.

Following some simple steps will make it much harder for cyber criminals:

  • use the combination of three random words, numbers and non alphanumeric characters such as ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * to create a strong password, e.g. @SeeCatEek or !SeeCatEek28
  • never use any word that is related to you and may be easy to guess, for example by looking at your social media pages. Absolutely never use:
    - current partner’s name
    - child’s name
    - other family members’ names
    - pet’s name
    - place of birth
    - favourite holiday
    - something related to your favourite sports team
  • look after your password – never disclose it to anyone. If you think that someone else knows your password, change it immediately
  • don’t get caught out – factory set default passwords being left unchanged is one of the most common password mistakes that users make.

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