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Hate Crime

NHSGGC prides itself on the diversity of its workforce. It brings people together to offer the best possible skill mix to meet the growing demands of patient-centred care and creates a richness of experience that benefits everyone in the workplace. It’s a resource that needs to be protected and we all have a role to play.
We ask that every member of staff remains vigilant and reports any incident that seeks to undermine the cohesion of our workforce and the safety of our colleagues because of their faith, race, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.

NHSGGC has a comprehensive workforce policy framework designed to protect against bullying and harassment and uphold dignity and respect and the Hate Crime Protocol and Guidance offers support for people who perceive they have been victims or have witnessed a Hate Incident. These tools need to be used and observed incident must be reported to a manager and a Datix report completed
There’s no room for complacency. If you see it or hear it, please report it, and help make NHSGGC a better place to work for everyone.


13th March 2018

Staff Bursary Information



3 February 2017

Injury Allowance Procedure and Guidance

New Procedure and Guidance for Injury Allowance. Further information can be found in the HR Policies section - link.


2 February

Secondment Agreement Policy and Guidance

Further information on the Secondment Agreement and Guidance  can be found in the HR Policies section - link.

13th March 2018

Changes to the Childcare Voucher Scheme




11th June 2018

Updates to Grievance Toolkit, Letter Templates and Flow Charts