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Information for service users

Q – What is the deadline for signing off bank staff shifts that have been worked in my ward?

A – All worked shifts must be signed off on Bank Staff before the 12pm deadline on a Friday to ensure payment for the following Friday.

Q – How do I request a booking for my Ward?

A – All bookings should be requested via the Bankstaff booking system.

Q - How much notice should I give when requesting a shift?.

A - Providing the contact center with as much notice as possible increases opportunity to successfully fill the shift.

Q – How do I cancel a booking request that is no longer needed at ward level?.

A – Contact the Staffbank Contact Centre on 0141 278 2555 and inform them of the Cancellation. When cancelling a filled request you must give 4 hours notice before start of shift.


Information for Bank Staff

Q - How do I book my bank shifts?

A - Refer to Employee Online or Contact the Staffbank Contact Centre on 0141 278 2555 and give them your availability dates for work. The Call handler will check to see what shifts are available on these dates and offer them to you. The more flexible you are the more work we will be able to offer you.

Q – How do I request Annual Leave?

A – Annual leave can be requested by email. Please see Important Information link for details on how to request annual leave.

Q – Can I work a bank shift if I am on annual leave from my substantive post?

A – Yes.

N.B Bank workers who have a substantive post must take annual leave from both substantive and bank post at the same time for 5.6 weeks/210 hours of the Annual Leave year.

Q – Can I change a booked shift for another shift elsewhere?.

A – No, once you have committed to a shift the Staffbanks expectation is that you complete the booked shift. If the move is because of a specific skill then it is considered and discussed with the nurse in charge locally.

Q – Can I refuse to move wards/site from the ward/site I was originally booked for?.

A – No, once a bank worker has accepted and agreed to undertake a shift there is an obligation to work with the local management team in delivering patient care. This may involve being redeployed to other areas.

Q – What happens if I need to cancel my shift?

A – The Bank worker must inform the Staff bank Contact Centre with a minimum of 12 hours notice of cancellation of a shift. If a shift is cancelled within 12 hours notice then this is recorded under our attendance management policy.