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Personal Use of Social Media

This policy applies to what is written/posted/streamed on social media sites by staff in a personal capacity which relates to their work.

NHSGGC recognises that many employees participate in social networking sites outside of work hours. In the majority of cases this is uncomplicated and trouble-free.

The intention of this policy is not to interfere with an employee’s personal life however there are potential risks/nuisances associated with the use of social media; risks which individuals may not even be aware of. An erosion of the boundary between work-life and home-life can sometimes have a negative impact on the relationship between an individual and their employer. Therefore there is a need to provide individuals with clear guidelines on what is and what is not considered to be appropriate personal use of social media, safeguarding the reputations of individuals and the organisation.

Top Tips on using the Personal Use of Social Media policy......

  1. The main principle behind this policy is that conduct on-line should be judged against the same high standards of behaviour which NHSGGC expects of its employees.
  1. Employees should think carefully about what they post on the internet and be aware that individual privacy settings are not always sufficient to stop others seeing/distributing your content.
  1. All employees are responsible for any information they make available on-line whether this was posted during work hours, during breaks or when not at work.

Be aware that if you disclose the name of the Board as your employer, you should make it clear when publishing your opinions on-line, that these are your own personal views and that they do not represent the views of NHSGGC.

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