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Mental Health & Wellbeing

NHSGGC promotes good mental health and the wellbeing of our staff. We treat our people fairly regardless of their mental health status and we don’t discriminate. We also provide a safe and healthy workplace. 

Mental health problems like stress, depression or anxiety cause a significant proportion of sickness absence across Scotland. We know that getting support at an early stage can prevent absence from work and help recovery. 

To achieve this, our staff will be managed in a way that is not detrimental to their mental health and positively promotes mental health and wellbeing, following our policies in this area.


  1. Mental health problems are a common cause of long term sickness absence and have major resource implications for NHSGGC. Promoting positive mental health & wellbeing helps improve physical health, social inclusion and productivity.
  2. NHSGGC has a duty of care under our Staff Governance Standard to protect the mental health and wellbeing of our staff whilst they are at work. We are also committed to tackling disability discrimination, including discrimination relating to people who experience mental health problems.

Beyond our legal obligations, we promote good mental health and wellbeing by providing healthy working environments to help develop and nurture staff.