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Corporate Use of Social Media

This policy related to the professional use of social media within NHSGGC whether on a network PC or on an employee’s own device.

The term ‘social media’ refers to websites and networks where users have an opportunity to share photos, videos, opinions or even reviews and reports on their experience. Blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are all examples of social media. There is growing evidence of the potential for social media to offer opportunities for our organisation to engage effectively with patients and communities.
The misuse of these social networks carries significant reputational, technical and legal risks and therefore this policy has been developed to provide clear advice and guidance to employees on the use of social media in a professional capacity.

The policy sets out a process for the limited and authorised use of social media for professional purposes to allow the organisation to realise the benefits of social media whilst ensuring the risks are appropriately assessed and managed.

Top Tips on using the Corporate Use of Social Media Policy......

  1. This policy applies to all employees of NHSGGC, whether full-time or part-time, whether on permanent contracts, fixed-term or bank (as and when required) contracts.
  2. It covers the professional use of social media within NHSGGC. It does not cover what you discuss, comment on or publish in your own time on your own personal profile. This is covered by the policy on personal use of social media.
  3. Any information published online can be accessed around the world within seconds and will be publicly available for a long time. This makes it important to stick to the common principles shared across all forms of social media.
  4. The policy of NHSGGC is that social media can only be used for business purposes if authorised. General access to social networking sites is not permitted on the NHSGGC network and access to these sites will be blocked unless authorisation is granted.

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