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Lone Working Support Service


Staff can be identified as being Lone Workers if their working activities involve periods of time where they are without any kind of close or direct supervision, or in contact with any other colleagues.The NHSGGC Policy on Lone Working provides further guidance on identifying Lone Workers.

A manager who identifies that they have staff who are Lone Workers is required to undertake a risk assessment to identify the risks involved and measures to control the risks. Guidance on undertaking a Lone Worker Risk Assessment can be found in Appendix A of the NHSGGC Lone Worker Policy. There are many potential control measures, of which one, is the Lone Worker Support Service currently provided to NHSGGC by Guardian24.

This service can be used via a standard mobile phone, smartphone (Android or BlackBerry) or other specialist Lone Worker Device. It allows users to log their whereabouts by leaving details of their location and the expected duration. If their activity overruns, Guardian24 will automatically call the user to verify their safety. If the user cannot be reached, a nominated respondent will be contacted who will be responsible for following your local escalation protocol. If the Lone Workers safety is compromised, they can discreetly press a dedicated key on their phone to summon emergency assistance.

This service should only be considered after undertaking a Lone Worker risk assessment in conjunction with the guidance provided within the NHSGGC Lone Worker Policy. If the Lone Worker Support Service is identified as a potential control measure, this should be discussed and agreed with the appropriate budget holder who will be paying for the service. If this control measure is agreed, the manager needs to complete the Guardian24 Application Request Form and send it to Cameron Raeburn along with the local escalation protocol.

Guidance for completing the Guardian24 Application Request Form:

  • Administrators - managers or their delegated staff who will be maintaining their Lone Worker(s) details on the G24 website, for example, updating changes in contact details, changing Respondents details etc. Additionally they will be able to run activity reports regarding usage of the service.
  • Division - the Directorate or Partnership the group of staff belong to
  • Budget Code - the cost centre code that the G24 service will be charged against
  • Group Parent Name - the Acute Directorate or Partnership the Lone Worker staff group belong to
  • Generic Instructions for the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) - as a default, in the event of an activity over run, the ARC will attempt to contact the Lone Worker 3 times before contacting the Respondent(s). You may wish to change this e.g. reducing the number of attempts will decrease the time taken to alert the Respondent to an overrun.
  • Respondents - are members of staff who will be contacted by the ARC in the event of an activity overrun or an Alert. They will be responsible for implementing the local escalation protocol. It is recommended that each Lone Worker has three Respondents to ensure that the ARC will always be able to contact someone from the Organisation. It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure that at least one of the Respondents will always be available to receive a call from the ARC.
  • Security PIN - this will be provided by G24 on registering the Lone Workers information on their system.

Prior to sending the Guardian24 Request form, an escalation protocol must be developed, which should detail what the respondents will do should the ARC contact them due to an activity over-run or an alert.

Once the Guardian24 Application Request Form and the local escalation protocol have been agreed, the application form will be sent on to Guardian24 who will enter the details onto their system. The Lone Worker will be sent a text letting them know they are ‘live’ with the G24 system and informing them of their security PIN. Administrators will be sent an email providing them with login details to the G24 website.

Following the email from G24, Administrators should tell their Lone Workers to access the relevent user guide for their type of phone from the links below. Lone Workers new to the system should trial it, prior to undertaking an activity to ensure that they are confident they can use the system.

Once administrators have received the email from Guardian24 with their lgin details to the Guardian24 site, they will be responsible for checking the details held and updating those details as required. Additionally, it is the administrator’s responsibility to monitor usage of the system by their identified Lone Workers.

Assistance with using the Guardian24 web site can be found using the Web Portal User Guide and / or contacting the Guardian24 helpdesk on 02890 730 950.

Useful links and documents:

Should you require any further information please contact Cameron Raeburn, Health & Safety Manager (0141 201 5971).