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Other Turas Applications

Turas Appraisal is just one of the applications on the Turas digital platform.  More information on the platform can be found here:-

Other applications include:-


Turas Learn is NES’ platform for learning and support resources. It provides health and social care staff with access to learning and practice support resources, developed by NES, Health Boards, social care organisations and wider public sector as required.  As the Turas platform matures NES Digital will start a formal process of seeking feedback around functional and service level satisfaction to inform the continued development of the application.

TURAS Learn is free to Boards and again discussions are scheduled with the e:ESS Programme team on the development of an ‘API’ (interface to e:ESS., so that the workforce information can be shared and avoid duplication and double entry


TURAS Trainee Programme Management (TPM)

Turas Trainee Programme Management (TPM) is the Training Management system for trainees in post graduate training programmes. TPM is an online application designed for maintaining information on NHS Scotland Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology and Health Care Scientist trainees, Trainers, Programmes, Educational Providers and Study Leave. Since its launch in 2015 Turas TPM has delivered significant benefits, providing a centralised and reliable source of data for managing trainees and programs. It has been rolled out to all Boards.

TURAS Portfolio

Turas Portfolio supports a rapidly expanding number of health professionals’ achievement, reflection and learning. With more than 32,000 users, Turas Portfolio is a flexible and a powerful tool supporting quality assurance resulting in significant improvements and efficiency savings over dispersed and/or paper based systems. Turas Portfolio is used extensively throughout UK Medicine, as well as Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Nursing & Midwifery in Scotland.


TURAS ‘People’ (under development)

This is the working title for the minimum viable product which will be used to support the implementation of a Lead Employer/Placement Board model for medical and dental trainees. TURAS Training Programme Management already holds a considerable amount core data on trainees needed to manage basic employment processes and is rolled out to all Boards. The further development will and support sharing of data between lead employer and placement Board and has been funded by Scottish Government.