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Guide to the Bursary Application Form

All applications are scored by a number of reviewers, independently of each other and referred to a disbursement committee as appropriate. Whether or not a Bursary award is made and the amount of money a successful applicant receives depends on the overall score.

Each question is scored separately (with the exception of questions 1 and 6 which are scored together) and the information below gives guidance on how to approach the questions.

Things which can assist include:-

  • Discuss your application fully with your manager prior to completing it,
  • Reflect on how the learning can relate to your job role/future development. Its about the difference it will make.
  • Ensure that you have answered all of the questions.
  • Answer all parts of the question fully – this is not about writing more for each question, but ensuring that you respond specifically to all that is being asked.

The following notes provide guidance as to the expected responses. Actual responses should reflect your experiences, expectations and hopes in relation to the course of study. These should be illustrated with recent examples.

1. Why have you chosen this particular course of study? Please provide professional as well as personal reasons.

Responses will generally focus on the purpose and importance of the course of study and the consequent development of knowledge and skills. This may also include a brief comment on the potential impact on patients, colleagues or team. This will be the focus for your response to Questions 3 and 4.

Responses could also include reference to building on previous learning experiences and the identification of personal learning styles and preferences.

Comments on personal interest in learning or commitment to the particular course of study or contribution to the fulfillment of personal and career aspirations would also be appropriate.

Please note that question 6 provides the opportunity to offer more general comments on personal aims, expectations and motivation.

2. How does this course of study link to your most recent Development Review or Appraisal and your current PDP - Personal Development Plan (or your own objectives if no recent PDP)? Please provide specific examples, outlining why they are important.

It is expected that responses will:

  • offer reflections on most recent review or appraisal and PDP and why aspects are important.
  • identify specific KSF dimensions, key result areas, objectives, CPD outcomes and competencies as appropriate.
  • Explain how the course will link to these.

3. How will you apply your learning in your work and how does this link to any appropriate local objectives or corporate service objectives?

It is strongly recommended that you discuss the response to this question with your line manager.

Responses should detail how the learning will be applied/what the local/service objectives are and how this learning will support these.

Examples could include the application of e.g.:

  • clinical skills
  • management competencies
  • communication skills
  • research, training
  • and the relationship to e.g.
    • local or corporate objectives/themes
    • national guidelines (SIGN, QIS)
    • professional policies, procedures or standards

4. What positive impact is this likely to have on the service you and your team provide? Please provide examples.

Responses should identify actual developments and changes (or proposed) changes to practice. These could include development or expansion of services, support for other team members, service users or patients, improved effectiveness and efficiency of a service.

5. How will you evaluate the learning from the course of study (including evaluation of the course of study as well as evaluation of the impact on the service as appropriate)? Please provide examples.

Evaluation of the course of study could include written assessments, supervised activities, group work, tutor feedback, personal reflection.

Evaluation of the impact of learning on the service could include feedback from managers, colleagues, patients, formal audit, peer review, personal reflection.

*Please answer in relation to both the course of study and it's impact on services

6. Please provide any additional information in support of your application.

Use this question to provide additional information or expand on responses in question 1.

E.g. career path, wider impact of the course of study (national or international), management support, potential further learning, personal challenge, financial incentive provided by the Bursary Scheme.