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Guidance for Managers

Guidance for Managers

The NHSGG&C Staff Bursary Scheme is available to all directly employed NHSGG&C staff – from any service area, discipline or grade. Its just one of a range of resources to support the development of staff and their ongoing learning.

I’ve just heard about this – what next?

The bursary scheme is generally available in the spring of each year. Make sure that staff know about this opportunity to apply for funding – discuss it at team meetings and with members of your team – promote it as another route to support their individual development. 

A member of staff is interested in submitting an application – what should I do?

When the scheme is open, it's important to discuss their application with them!

  • How does it link to their PDP/Learning needs?
  • What outcomes are they hoping to achieve?
  • How could they apply the learning within their work? Etc

These are all areas covered in the application form – your support in discussing these can greatly assist in taking their application forward as an integral part of the PDP and Review process.

You also need to complete the managers section of the application form in support of their application.

Does funding cover every aspect of a course?

It only covers course fees – any additional costs such as travel, books, examination or accreditation fees are not included.

Applications must come from individual members of staff, reflecting their own development needs. If the course of study it essential to service development, then alternative funding must be sought.

How will we know if the application has been successful?

All staff who submit an application will be contacted by the Bursary Administrator to confirm receipt of their application. If they don’t receive confirmation within 5 days of submitting it, they should contact the Bursary Administrator direct.

All staff will then be contacted by e-mail (or letter to their home address if preferred) to advise of the outcome of their application, and the manager will be copied into the email.

If a member of staff application is successful, will the funding cover the cost of all the course fees?

The amount of funding awarded depends on the score given to the application, the number of applications received and overall level of funding available. The total funding available to an individual is capped. We ask that applicants have checked the availability of alternative funding prior to submitting their application.

If not all of the course fees is covered – how is the balance met?

This can be from a variety of sources e.g. Service budget, staff contribution, professional funding sources, etc. - or a combination of these.

What other supports do we need to think about?

This will vary depending on the nature of the course – e.g. how long is it, is it during the member of staff normal working hours etc, how can this be supported/accommodated. Any study leave will be at the managers discretion, however managers must not discriminate between full and part time staff.

It is also important to regularly discuss progress and the application of learning – just as you would with any other learning or training opportunity, as part of the PDP process.

An annual evaluation of the Scheme will take place in the autumn. This will focus on applicants' progress with study and future study plans as well as the impact on personal, clinical and organisational objectives. In order to gather the relevant data applicants and managers will be contacted annually to participate in a survey.