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Personal Development Planning and Review (PDP&R)

Personal Development Planning and Review processes are designed to support staff throughout their careers in the delivery of quality services and organisational effectiveness. 

Some useful KSF resources are:-

  • – keep it simple and flexible.  This is the dedicated KSF website and it includes two short videos (approx 5 minutes each).  One for staff on what to expect at their annual review meeting and one for reviewers on how they should carry out a review meeting.
  • then click on Learning and CPD tab, then Develop your Career, then Personal Development Planning and Review.  This will take you to some helpful videos and supporting workbook.
  • e-KSF Guidance tool 

KSF/ PDP and R

Summary Information for Managers / Reviewers

Preparation for Review Meetings

Prepare for each individual review meeting by considering the current PDP, gathering information on the individual's work in relation to the KSF Outline and considering possible development needs and opportunities for next 12 months.

At the Meeting

The purpose of the PDP and R meeting is to:

- review progress with previously agreed Personal Development Plan and evaluate learning

- go through KSF Outline and review evidence provided/discussed

- agree on-going and emerging development needs.

- record main points of discussion/evidence

- add new activities to the Personal Development Plan

There is no set format for the meeting, however, feedback to date suggests the following approach works well:

  • As part of preparation, consider the current PDP and note which Dimension each activity relates to
  • Conduct the meeting by working through each Dimension in turn and reviewing any current PDP activity as an integral part of the discussion (e.g if the individual had an agreed development activity to attend a series of meetings then that could be reviewed as part of the discussion on Core 1 - Communication).
  • As each Dimension and indicator is worked through, the evidence provided by both post-holder and reviewer is discussed/ viewed and noted. Any resulting development needs for the next 12 months are to be recorded by the post holder or Reviewer on the PDP template 
  • Agree date for PDP progress meeting (6 months time)


Evidence can take many forms however must meet the following criteria:

- there must be sufficiency of evidence

- it must be up to date and relevant

- the same piece of evidence can be applicable to more than one Dimension and indicator

- it must be naturally occurring (not produced specifically for the review meeting).

The main forms of evidence fall into the category of:

Documentary - e.g report produced, set of minutes of meeting to either evidence attendance or production of Minutes, signed checklist etc
Observed – e.g – delivering a presentation, administering IV drugs, assisting a patient with dressing, using appropriate tools/devices etc
Verbal – e.g – discussion on skills of breaking bad news, dealing with emergency situations, identifying and taking action when Equality and Diversity issues are undermined etc
Electronic – e.g – spreadsheet created, e-mails produced etc

This mnemonic of DOVE may be helpful in recording the evidence provided from the PDP and R meeting.

New Staff
All employees, as part of the Induction process, must meet with their Manager/Reviewer within the first few weeks of starting to discuss the KSF Foundation Outline and identify and agree priority development needs for the first 12 months in post.
A 6 month PDP progress meeting must be arranged to ensure that individual is on target to meet requirements of Foundation Outline.


  • To obtain an e-KSF user name and password, email [email protected] with your payroll number.
  • Managers to forward staff lists to e-KSF Team - download the staff list form. Please also read: Staff List Form Instructions
  • Managers to electronically assign KSF Outline to all staff in their area (for telephone support, please phone 0141 278 2700).
  • To access e-KSF training please contact the Learning and Education Support team on 0141 278 2700
  • Both post-holder and Manager/Reviewer sign off the content by password.

For help with all aspects of KSF & e-KSF please contact:

HR Support and Advice Unit - Learning and Education on 0141 278 2700 or [email protected] 

For all changes including User Names & Passwords or Staff List Spreadsheet email: [email protected] if requesting your password or staff list changes, please include payroll numbers.

To discuss any aspect of KSF with a Trade Union representative, either contact your own steward directly or contact :

KSF Staff Side Adviser Garry Campbell [email protected]