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Step 4 - Health Care Support Worker (Induction Standards & Code of Conduct)

What are the Healthcare Support Worker Mandatory Induction Standards and Code of Conduct?

From 1st January 2011 all new members of staff working in a Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW) role and those staff transferring internally within NHSGG&C will be expected to meet new mandatory induction standards and adhere to the new HCSW Code of Conduct after 3 months in post (or part-time equivalent up to a maximum of six months). 

Together, the induction standards and code of conduct focus on the promotion of patient safety and protection of the public with the aim of ensuring that all HCSWs know what is expected from them early in their employment and that they are able to deliver their role in a competent and professional manner. 

The standards reflect many of the areas which a new member of staff can be expected to learn about during an induction period, which will include both corporate and on-the-job induction. They cover vital aspects in both clinical and non-clinical healthcare support worker roles, in relation to protecting the public.

They focus on the basic knowledge and skills required for a new member of staff to work safely and contribute to the delivery of high-quality patient care and services. By working through the standards, new healthcare support workers will actively engage in learning and development in key areas, for example health and safety and confidentiality, which will continue through the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework.

The fact that they are induction standards indicates that most of the knowledge the individual needs will come through induction and orientation to their role. However, the standards require the individual to be able to apply that knowledge to their own job role.  Many, if not all, of the standards are already part of local induction programmes and both the induction standards and the Code of Conduct are closely linked to KSF outlines and the Personal Development & Review (PD&R) process.