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Induction is a process to welcome new staff to our organisation. However it can also be used when employees are transferred into a different part of the organisation and/ or may require different types of skills and knowledge.  Induction should be completed after 3 months in post or part-time equivalent up to a maximum of six months. 

An effective induction process should provide a variety of benefits and support our aim of delivering high quality patient care and efficient delivery of services.

Induction Portal - guidance for managers and all staff

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has developed a six step model for induction . Each step has useful information and resources to help you and your member of staff to progress through the induction journey. At Step 5 of the process, managers must make a formal return to the Learning and Education Service to advise that compliance with the organisational Induction process is complete.

Health Care Support Worker (HCSW) Mandatory Induction Standards and Code of Conduct

Since 1st January 2011, all new members of staff working in a HCSW role/staff transferring internally to a new role are expected to meet a set of Scottish Government Health Department Mandatory Induction standards and adhere to the HCSW Code of Conduct after 3 months in post (or part-time equivalent up to a maximum of six months). 

The definition of a HCSW and guidance on how you should support your member of staff in meeting these standards, are outlined in Step 4 above.