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Management Manual

The Health & Safety management manual is used to document the H&S management system in place in NHSGGC and is comprised of two sections:

Section 1 - Overview of H&S Management and H&S in the workplace. All content within this section requires to be present in your management manual.

Section 2 - Supplementary Guidance / Other Topics. Only topics relevant to your department should be completed and held in your folder.

Policies and Guidance Documents

Policies and additional guidance documents relating to many of the subjects within the management manual can be found here.

Risk Assessment

Exemplar and worked example Risk Assessments are available here. The intention is that these risk assessments can be downloaded and modified according to local circumstances.

Changes to the Health & Safety Management Manual

Changes to the Management Manual documentation will be noted here


The forms below relate to the auditing of both the Health and Safety Management Manual and the Implementation of Health & Safety Policies within your area by the Health and Safety Department.

Outcomes from the audits will be shared with your local Health and Safety Committee. Where further work is required and identified by the audit, the form below should be used to update your local Health & Safety committee on progress.

Section 1. Overview of H&S Management and H&S in the workplace


Risk Assessment


Section 2. Additional topics with supplementary guidance