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During pregnancy

At 12 weeks you will be offered an ultrasound scan and this will allow midwives to estimate when your baby is due.

During your pregnancy you will be invited to attend a series of workshop sessions which are designed to help you prepare for birth and getting ready to be a mum.   These will cover subjects like:

  • relaxation techniques
  • parenting skills
  • breastfeeding

We don't forget about your partner or birth supporter either - they can come to workshop sessions too and find out how they can help you during the birth and beyond.

A blood test is offered at 15 - 16 weeks into the pregnancy in order to screen for any problems.  Four or five weeks later, this is followed by a second ultrasound scan, which is intended to provide a more detailed look at the baby - by this time you will be starting to feel the baby's first movements.

At 24 weeks you will have an ante-natal appointment with your midwife, during which she will check the baby's growth and listen to his or her heartbeat.  If you are a first-time mum, you will have another appointment with the midwife at 32 weeks.

At 34 weeks, you are getting close to the time of the birth.  You will be offered more blood tests to find out if you need extra iron and you will be given a chance to look around the CMU's birthing suite.  At 38 weeks first-time mums will have another appointment with their midwife.