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Princess Royal Maternity

The Princess Royal Maternity opened in October 2001. 

Designed to accommodate the delivery of up to 6000 babies each year, the maternity hospital has five clinical floors. 

It provides state-of-the-art equipment for mothers and babies, with the added benefit of clinical services, including Adult Intensive Care, on the same site.

Address: 16 Alexandra Parade
G31 2ER
Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Telephone: 0141 211 5400

Wards & Visiting

Wards & Visiting

Click on a ward name for more details

Labour Ward 0141 211 5216
General Tel: 0141 211 5216
Location name: Labour Ward
Neonatal ward - Intensive Care Unit and Special Care
Intensive Care Unit Telephone 0141 211 5246 Special Care Telephone 0141 211 5247
Opening hours:
Visiting 10.00-22.00, Immediate family only
Location name: Neonatal ward
Ward 56A & 56B 0141 211 5511/4162/4433
Contact Tel: 0141 211 5511/4162/4433
Manager Name: SCN Carol Wilson
Location address:

1st Floor

Ward 68 0141 211 5350 or 0141 211 5281
Visiting hours are 14.30-15.30 and 19.00-20.00 each day
General Tel: 0141 211 5350 or 0141 211 5281
Location name: Ward 68
Ward 70 0141 211 5250
Visiting hours are 14.30 - 15.30 and 19.00 - 20.00 each day
General Tel: 0141 211 5250
Location name: Ward 70
Ward 71 0141 211 5267
Gynaecology Out Patients
Opening hours:
Visiting hours are 14.30 - 15.30 and 19.00 - 20.00 each day
General Tel: 0141 211 5267
Location name: Ward 71
16 Alexandra Parade
G31 2ER
Tel: 0141 211 5400

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More Information


Princess Royal Maternity Hospital, which is adjacent to Glasgow Royal Infirmary on Alexandra Parade, has 140 beds and provides maternity and special care baby unit/ITU facilities for neonates. Be Ready For Baby! We have a selection of videos showing you around the Princess Royal Maternity Unit. The videos are in sections showing each of the various locations within the unit that you will see when you come in to have your baby; from the entrance to the post natal ward. You can access the videos in multiple languages at:

Services & Outpatients


Click on a service name for more details

Antenatal Clinics 1, 2, and 3
Clinic 1 - 0141 211 5309 Diabetic Clinic 2 - 0141 211 5272 Clinic 3 - 0141 211 5233
Location name: Antenatal Clinic
Antenatal Day Care outpatient department Tel: 0141 211 5217
For women with high-risk pregnancies.
General Tel: 0141 211 5217
Birthing Suite Tel: 0141 211 5365 / 0141 211 5379
General Tel: 0141 211 5365 / 0141 211 5379
Location name: Birthing Suite
Community Midwifery Tel: 0141 211 5245
General Tel: 0141 211 5245
Location name: Community Midwifery
Pregnancy Assessment Daycare Unit Tel: 0141 211 5217
Outpatient department for women with high-risk pregnancies
General Tel: 0141 211 5217
Location name: Pregnancy Assessment Daycare Unit
Pre-Natal Assessment Tel: 0141 211 5294
A 24 hour service for women booked at the Princess Royal Maternity who have any concerns or anxieties about their health or pregnancy.
Opening hours:
24 hour advice line
General Tel: 0141 211 5294
Location name: Pre-Natal Assessment
Spiritual Care - Chapel and Quiet Room Tel: 0141 211 4661

The Healthcare Chaplains for the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital can be contacted on 0141 211 4661.


There is a small Chapel on the 4th floor of the Maternity Hospital. It is open 24 hours a day and offers a peaceful space for patients, visitors and staff for the purposes of reflection, meditation and prayer.  There is also a Quiet Room adjacent to the chapel.


The Chaplaincy Service delivers spiritual and religious care to all people.  Spiritual care addresses the fundamental human need to have a sense of peace, security and hope particularly in the context of injury, illness or loss.  Healthcare Chaplains do this by being attentive to the patient’s story, looking for sources of strength and resilience, valuing the person and what is most important to them. Religious care can be a crucial aspect of this. Healthcare Chaplains work with other NHS staff to ensure that these needs are met and, where appropriate, in partnership with local faith and belief groups.

For general enquiries about Healthcare Chaplaincy in NHSGGC you may contact the Head of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care tel: 0141 314 9561 or email us at [email protected]   

If you are contacting the Chaplaincy Service about a patient in one of our hospitals, please ensure, if possible, that the patient is aware of this and has agreed to it. 

An NHS Healthcare Chaplain is always on-call and ward staff can arrange for them to be paged.  A Roman Catholic Priest is also available at all times.

General Tel: 0141 211 4661
Ultrasound Tel: Appointment enquiries to 0141 211 5290
General Tel: Appointment enquiries to 0141 211 5290
Location name: Ultrasound
Active Staff