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Mindfulness MBCT

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Mindfulness means 

  •  paying attention,
  • in a particular way,
  • on purpose, 
  • in the present moment, 
  • without judgement (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Course teaches a number of Mindfulness Meditation Practices with elements of traditional CBT, helping participants to learn to bring awareness to their experiences, their thoughts, their body, their senses and emotions, in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. This can allow the development of a different, more helpful relationship to life and difficulties. The course is 8 weeks long, each session lasting 2 and a half hours. At the NHS Centre for Integrative Care we have added an introduction week to allow a taster of the practices and a chance to find out more about the course before committing and a mid-course silent practice session to deepen the experience of the practices.