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NHS Centre for Integrative Care - Inpatient Service

Inpatient Service

It may be that a referral for a 5 day admission to our 7 bedded Inpatient unit will be discussed during consultation with your Outpatient practitioner. There are several reasons for a referral to Inpatients -  it can be for instance that your health problems are perhaps more complex and require the input/expertise of other team members such as Physiotherapists who are primarily based in the Inpatient unit of our Centre.

Inpatient team
The team is chiefly comprised of Physiotherapy team members, Nurses and Doctors. On the day of your admission a Physiotherapist, a Nurse and a Doctor will assess you. Each one of these practitioners will use their own specific skills and training to assess the health problems you are dealing with. The different team members then meet and discuss these health issues and by using their combined skills will aim to provide you with the kind of help which will enable you to feel you’re better able to cope and more in control with whatever health difficulties you are currently experiencing. This help will be individual to you and during your time on our ward it will be our expressed aim that you will feel at all times listened to, properly cared for and a full participant in the plan we will formulate in discussion with yourself about how best to help you during and after your admission.

Ward environment
This help may take many forms. The ward environment itself provides a safe place in which your health problems can be reviewed, with Nursing staff available day and night to help with any physical or emotional health difficulties. Otherwise our Nursing staff, for example, may identify health needs related to your bladder or bowel function, general nutrition and skin care. The Doctor you see will take an overview of current general medical issues relating to your symptoms, medication or recent investigations and can discuss if required any issues identified with your General Practitioner or a Hospital Specialist. Our Physiotherapy team will assess your mobility, balance and whether there is any tension you are holding in your muscles. This tension in the muscles can be important to identify as it can cause movements to be painful and stiff and make it harder for the body to keep its balance and prevent falls. The Physiotherapy team provide daily one to one input aimed at releasing excessive tension in the mind and body and in this process aim to allow the body to move more freely and release bound up energy which can then be used by our system to maximise self healing processes.

This maximising of potential healing is central to everything that takes place at our Centre and in the ward. For instance if there’s excessive tension in the mind and body it can make it difficult for the body to relax sufficiently to allow deeper restorative sleep, complete digestion of our food and a smooth rhythmical breathing pattern. In the Inpatient ward our Nursing and Physiotherapy staff run a structured programme of interactive classes which aim to provide the knowledge and understanding of some of the many factors involved in illness and health such as nutrition, sleep, stress and pain. These classes aim to provide helpful tools that we can use to maximise the energy available to our system, allowing us to find a better balance in our health and potentially stimulate a degree of healing in our system.

Growing wellbeing
The 5 day admission to our ward not only allows this advice to be digested and slept on but due to the time available over the week it allows the general advice from the groups to be individually tailored so that for instance exercise plans or advice on energy conservation can be given to best suit the specific needs of the people attending the Inpatient service. This daily one to one input over the 5 days allows you to gain confidence and hope with regards to your ability to obtain and maintain meaningful change in your health status. Just as in the wonderful garden our Inpatients can enjoy during their stay, the 5 days spent on the ward allow the putting down of fresh strong roots of helpful information and advice that will not be easily uprooted. This should mean at the end of a 5 day admission you feel you’re on much more solid ground from which you can grow in relation to overall wellbeing. It should then enable you to engage more easily and benefit from other parts of our Centre and indeed the wider Health Service.