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New Patient Menu Coming Soon to Your Ward...
Starts Mon 11th April

There is going to be a new two week menu cycle which has been designed following feedback from public partners, patients and staff.

Patients will be offered a standard continental breakfast with cereal/porridge, toast/bread roll and juice.

For lunch, there will be a light meal consisting of a soup and sandwich or a soup and filled jacket potato plus a cold dessert. There will also be a hot meal option if patients prefer to have this at lunchtime.

In the evening, patients can choose from a variety of hot main courses as well as a sandwich option. In addition, there will be a hot dessert available such as fruit crumble and custard.

At each mealtime there will be a healthier eating choice as well as a higher energy choice to meet the NHS Scotland Food in Hospitals Specification.

Kate Murray, Head of Catering for NHSGGC said “I am pleased we are ready to launch this new menu. It follows many months of planning and consultation and we are hopeful that the meals will offer something for everyone. Apart from some items such as salads and baked potatoes the majority of our meals are made in house by NHSGGC catering staff in one of two Cook Freeze Production Units. We have held a number of food tasting sessions across the Board in recent months and the feedback we have received from the public and patients has been great.”

Electronic ordering
NHSGGC has been trialling a new way of taking patient meal orders. By using an electronic tablet we can take your meal order just a few hours before your mealtime. This means that you can choose your meal based on what your appetite is like at that time and not a couple of meals before. The trial, which is underway in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, has led to better patient satisfaction by ensuring people get what they would like to eat and is also helping the environment by cutting down on food waste. This way of meal ordering will be rolled out to other sites over the next year.

Tasting sessions
Hospital food sometimes has an undeserved poor reputation. As part of ongoing recipe development work we have been holding staff and public tasting sessions. The sessions have allowed us to meet with staff groups, our patients and visitors, allowing them to taste our new recipes and some old favourites, and get feedback on taste and meal quality. The sessions have taken place at Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Care Centre, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Children. The feedback from the tasting sessions has been very positive.

Public partners
We are working with a group of public partners to help guide improvements in catering. These are people who have used health services themselves or have experience of it through a friend or relative. The eight public partners have all visited the cook freeze production unit at Inverclyde Royal Hospital as well as carrying out audits of the meal service on a number of our wards.

Health Facilities Scotland Innovation award
NHSGGC catering was presented with this award for work to improve catering services for patients. Within the last 12 months catering managers have implemented an Improving Mealtimes Experience Care Bundle. This includes a standard operating procedure for meal service, daily meal observations and daily patient feedback.  Health Facilities Scotland thought this daily review of the service which allows managers to spot where improvements are required and put solutions in place immediately was an innovative way to improve services within catering.

As part of ongoing menu review we invited representatives from Quorn™ into our cook freeze production units to advise us on some new recipes for our vegetarian service users. We have worked with their home economist to develop three new recipes which are now on our new menu cycle; Quorn™ Korma; Quorn™ Cottage Pie and Quorn™ chilli.