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The Pre-application Stage

The aim of this stage is to make sure that the potential applicant and the HB engage with each other at the earliest opportunity. The current pharmacy regulations require the potential applicant and HB to meet to discuss the case for the proposed new pharmacy, or certain relocations of existing pharmacies.

There is no pre-judgement of the success or otherwise of the proposed application. The HB representatives involved remain strictly neutral throughout the whole pre-application process. The decision on whether a new pharmacy should be established is taken by a special committee of the HB known as the Pharmacy Practices Committee (PPC).

Before the Pre-application meeting takes place the potential applicant provides information to the HB including the neighbourhood where their proposed premises are located, the intended opening times and the pharmaceutical services they intend to provide. This information allows the discussion to focus on areas which will allow the potential application to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with their proposal. If they do, the potential applicant and HB will meet again to develop a joint public consultation.