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Joint Consultation Analysis

Following the end of the consultation period the HB and potential applicant will meet again and to produce a factual consultation analysis report (CAR). The CAR contains details on how the consultation was undertaken, the list of questions asked and responses to them, the number and category of respondents; and the level of support of residents in the proposed neighbourhood.

At this point the potential applicant will decide if they wish to proceed to a formal application. If the potential applicant decides not to go ahead with the application, the process will end and notification to this effect will be posted on the HB’s website.

If the potential applicant chooses to proceed, the CAR is included in the papers provided to the PPC when they meet to consider the application. The PPC will take into account the information contained within the CAR and demonstrate this within its decision making. 

This is why it is important that people respond to a consultation within the advertised time period as it is vital that potential users of, or those who may be affected by the possible service, submit their views (positive or negative) regarding any proposals in response to the public consultation questionnaire.