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Stobhill Hospital

Address: 133 Balornock Road
G21 3UW
Glasgow City

Telephone: 0141 201 3000

133 Balornock Road
G21 3UW
Tel: 0141 201 3000

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The £100 million, purpose designed New Stobhill Hospital opened in 2009.

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Oral Health Directorate

General Dental Services

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Stobhill Hospital

300 Balgrayhill Road

Glasgow G21 3UR


Email : [email protected]
Rheumatology Clinic Tel: Clinic Reception 0141 201 3495
General Tel: Clinic Reception 0141 201 3495
Spiritual Care - Chaplaincy centre Tel: 0141 232 7428

The Healthcare Chaplain who provides the service to the new Stobhill Hospital and all units and departments on the site can be contacted on 0141 232 7428.

 In the new Stobhill Hospital is The Sanctuary.  It is can be used by staff, patients and visitors for prayer or contemplation and is designed to be inclusive of all faiths and beliefs.  There are two areas for reflection and prayer, one of which looks out to a small pond and shrubbery. Scriptures and resources for major faiths are available, including facilities for ablutions. 

The Chaplaincy Service delivers spiritual and religious care to all people.  Spiritual care addresses the fundamental human need to have a sense of peace, security and hope particularly in the context of injury, illness or loss.  Healthcare Chaplains do this by being attentive to the patient’s story, looking for sources of strength and resilience, valuing the person and what is most important to them. Religious care can be a crucial aspect of this.  Healthcare Chaplains work with other NHS staff to ensure that these needs are met and, where appropriate, in partnership with local faith and belief groups.

For general enquiries about Healthcare Chaplaincy in NHSGGC you may contact the Head of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care tel: 0141 211 3026 or email us at [email protected]   

If you are contacting the Chaplaincy Service about a patient in one of our hospitals, please ensure, if possible, that the patient is aware of this and has agreed to it. 

An NHS Healthcare Chaplain is always on-call and ward staff can arrange for them to be paged.  A Roman Catholic Priest is also available at all times.

Opening hours:

The Sanctuary is on the ground floor to the right of the main entrance, opposite the Information Desk.  It is open from 7.30 am - 9.00 pm, seven days a week

Contact Tel: 0141 232 7428