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Lightburn Hospital

Address: 966 Carntyne Road
G32 6NB

Telephone: 0141 211 1500

Wards & Visiting

Wards & Visiting

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Ward 1 - Stroke patients 0141 211 1542
Ward 1 cares for patients who have suffered strokes.
Opening hours:
Flexible visiting Monday to Sunday, between 1.30pm and 8.30pm.
General Tel: 0141 211 1542
Location name: Wards 1, 2, 3
Ward 2 - General Medical 0141 211 1554
Ward 2 cares for elderly patients with general medical conditions.
Opening hours:
Flexible visiting Monday to Sunday, between 1.30pm and 8.30pm.
General Tel: 0141 211 1554
Ward 3 - general medical and orthopaedic rehabilitation 0141 211 1563
Ward 3 cares for general medical patients and orthopaedic patients all requiring rehabilitation.
Opening hours:
Flexible visiting Monday to Sunday, between 1.30pm and 8.30pm.
General Tel: 0141 211 1563
Location name: Ward 3
966 Carntyne Road
G32 6NB
Tel: 0141 211 1500

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Lightburn Hospital, in the east of the city, has 120 beds and provides rehabilitative care for older patients, including specialist units for stroke and post trauma patients plus a day hospital and out-patient clinics. This service is supported by an assessment unit located at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Services & Outpatients


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Day Hospital Tel: 0141 211 1569 / 211 1565
General Tel: 0141 211 1569 / 211 1565
Occupational Therapy Tel: 0141 211 1539
Occupational Therapy General Tel: 0141 211 1539
Outpatients Tel: 0141 211 1584
Outpatient Department Opening hours:
Monday 09.30 - 12.00 Tuesday 09.30 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 17.00 Wednesday 09.30 - 12.00 Thursday 14.00 - 17.00
General Tel: 0141 211 1584
Speech & language therapy Tel: 0141 211 1561
Speech and Language Therapy General Tel: 0141 211 1561
Spiritual Care Tel: 0141 211 4661

The Healthcare Chaplains for Lightburn Hospital can be contacted on 0141 211 3026

The Chaplaincy Service delivers spiritual and religious care to all people.  Spiritual care addresses the fundamental human need to have a sense of peace, security and hope particularly in the context of injury, illness or loss.  Healthcare Chaplains do this by being attentive to the patient’s story, looking for sources of strength and resilience, valuing the person and what is most important to them. Religious care can be a crucial aspect of this. Healthcare Chaplains work with other NHS staff to ensure that these needs are met and, where appropriate, in partnership with local faith and belief groups.

We regard Spiritual Care as an intrinsic part of the holistic care provided to patients, and to those who care for them. To this end our Chaplaincy Service provides or facilitates spiritual and religious care for patients, clients, carers and staff.  

What do chaplains do? 

  • Chaplains take time to listen, non-judgementally and with compassion
  • respect and support everyone’s faith or doubts, beliefs or non-belief
  • are interested in each person’s story
  • provide rituals or ceremonies at significant times which help people to deal with change and loss
  • support and train NHS staff and others in understanding spiritual care and related matters

Local faith community leaders have an important role to play in ensuring that patients who belong to their community have their particular religious needs met.  A leaflet giving information and guidance for faith and belief community leaders on visiting hospitals is available here.

For general enquiries about Healthcare Chaplaincy in NHSGGC you may contact the Head of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care tel: 0141 452 3220 or email us at   

If you are contacting the Chaplaincy Service about a patient in one of our hospitals, please ensure, if possible, that the patient is aware of this and has agreed to it. 

An NHS Healthcare Chaplain is always on-call and ward staff can arrange for them to be paged.  A Roman Catholic Priest is also available at all times.

Contact Tel: 0141 211 4661