Trakcare Instructions for Referral to Orthotics

Referral to the Paediatric Orthotic Service RHC Glasgow should preferably be done through Trakcare

Ordering an Orthotic Referral through Trak

  1. Highlight the patient on your clinic list or your episode enquiry & choose the NEW REQUEST tab at the very top of the screen.
  2. Choose the Other tab below this when it appears in the screen.
  3. In the sub category box type "Ortho" and click the magnifying glass for a look up menu.
  4. Select Orthotics Paediatric (Orthotics only will go to the adult service) (Orthotics Yorkhill is for dept use only).
  5. The cursor will then jump down to the item box immediately below, click the magnifying glass for a look up menu and choose Orthotic outpatient ref - paediatric or Inpatient may be optional should your patient be on a ward in RHC.
  6. Click update.
  7. Complete the questions on the form and your password and click update.
  8. It will automatically and immediately be sent to us.