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Your Feedback

We want to know about how you experience our services.  By getting your feedback we can build upon what works well and we can improve what could be better.  The introduction of the Patient Rights (Scotland) Act has increased our responsibilities to encourage all patients and families to give feedback, as well as to make sure we record and monitor all of the ways that this feedback is being used in our services.  Below is information about some of the ways you can tell us about your experience - if you would like more information on any of these, or what we then do with the feedback you give us, please contact us

Universal Feedback

This is a way for us to get feedback from inpatients when the re going home from the ward they stayed in.  Every patient gets a card asking one question about their experience with a box for them to write more information.  Every month, all of this feedback is gathered and used to let us know how our patients think we are doing. 

NHSGGC Patient Feedback

Is our online option to give us feedback whether good or bad, in a confidential user friendly way.  You simply complete the form found on this page with as much information as you can and we will make sure this goes to the right services. It is important to note that you will not receive a direct response to the specific issues you raise, however your comments will be used to drive forward change and if you opt to receive a copy of our annual Patient feedback Report you will be able to see how patient comments have influenced change.  Find out how 'we are listening' to your comments and how we're responding.

Care Opinion 

Is an online, public website run by an independent organisation.  Patients and their families can write about their experiences in any of our services to be shared on the Patient Opinion website, which can be seen by anyone.  We also respond on this site, opening up a conversation between the Health Board and our patients.  Click here to be taken to the Care Opinion Site