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NHS Centre for Integrative Care

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1053 Great Western Road
G12 0NR

Tel: 0141 211 1600


The NHS Centre for Integrative Care at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, on the Gartnavel Hospitals site, offers people with long term conditions a wide range of opportunities to enhance their health and quality of life. Most patients referred to the Centre are experiencing chronic pain, chronic low energy, and/or chronic low mood or anxiety. However, any patient with a long term condition may benefit from the care provided here.

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Holistic Approach to Cancer
A 4 week patient education course for people with a diagnosis of cancer who are looking for ways to support themselves holistically.
Holistic Approach to Depression
5 week patient education course is for people who have a diagnosis of depression and who are looking of ways to support themselves holistically.
A Homeopathic Practitioner will take a very detailed history, paying close attention to what is unique about the patient, the origin and particular symptoms of their problem and the impact the difficulty is having on their life.
This information is used to match - like treating like - the pattern of the disturbance in the person, with the specific symptoms of one of over 3000 remedies.
Occupational Therapy
General Tel: 0141 211 1625
General Tel: 0141 211 1616
The Physiotherapy team provide one to one input aimed at releasing excessive tension in the mind and body and aim to allow the body to move more freely and release bound up energy which can then be used to maximise self healing processes.
Quiet Room
The hospital has a small quiet room located near the dining area. There is no chaplain's office located at this facility


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Opening Hours:
Visiting hours are Monday to Thursday only, 2.00pm - 3.00pm and 7.00pm - 8.00pm.
General Tel: 0141 201 1611