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Dykebar Hospital

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Grahamston Road

Tel: 0141 884 5122
Fax: 0141 884 9001


Dykebar Hospital is located on the outskirts of Paisley adjacent to the Glasgow City boundary. The hospital lies in extensive grounds and has developed over many years. Dykebar is currently the main in-patient facility for treatment for mental health within Renfrewshire.

The hospital provides Acute and Continuing Care in-patient services for adults aged 16-65 years of age who suffer mental health problems. It also provides similar in-patient services for the elderly mentally ill.

In addition there are out-patient clinics for psychiatry and psychology. There is a day service provision for alcohol problems. The hospital site provides various corporate services.

Recently developed is the Dental Department Suite, which will offer dental services to both in and out patients. This facility, recently completed, has been a partnership project with Glasgow Dental Hospital and will be a training facility for dentistry.

Further in-patient services for mental health are located within the Royal Alexandra Hospital for both adult and elderly including a day hospital facility for the elderly.

The Adult Community Mental Health Teams are currently located within the Charleston Centre in Paisley and Blythswood House in Renfrew. Blythswood House also provides accommodation for the Community Forensic Team. The Elderly community team is located within Mile End Centre Paisley.

View the Board's decision on the Clyde Mental Health Consultation (19/08/08)


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Alcohol Problems Clinic
Tel: 0141 314 4106
CMHT West Renfrewshire
Blythswood House, Fulbar Lane, Renfrew
General Tel: 0141 314 9209
Community Day rehab service
Blythswood House, Fulbar Lane, Renfrew
General Tel: 0141 314 9207
Community Mental Health Team
Based in the Charleston Centre, Neilston Road, Paisley
General Tel: 0141 842 3404
Community Physiotherapy
The Paediatric Physiotherapy Service is moving from Dykebar Hospital to the Aranthrue Centre, 103 Paisley Road, Renfrew PA4 8LH on Wednesday 24 August 2011. Telephone 0141 886 5921
General Tel: 0141 314 4080
In-patient Day rehab service
Blythswood House, Fulbar Lane, Renfrew
General Tel: 0141 314 9207
Outpatient Departments - Psychology and Psychiatry
General Tel: Reception, 0141 314 4281


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Adult Mental Health Acute Services - North, South and East Wards
North, South and East Wards
Adult Mental Health Continuing Care - Wards 7,8,9 and 15
Ward 7 tel 0141 314 4107 / Ward 8 tel 0141 314 4108 / Ward 9 tel 0141 314 4109 / Ward 15 tel 0141 314 3715
Bute Ward - Forensic and Learning Disability
Tel: 0141 314 4067
Continuing Care for Elderly Mentally Ill - Wards 1,4 and 5
Wards 1 tel 0141 301 3722 / Ward 4 tel 0141 301 4104 / Ward 5 0141 301 4105
ICPU - Arran Ward
Tel: 0141 314 4065