West Dunbartonshire

Below is a list of agencies in West Dunbartonshire specialising in alcohol related issues.


An out of hours support service which can be contacted on: 0141 952 8815
HEAR is a confidential telephone support service for people who want to talk about their own, or someone else's addiction issues.
The line is staffed by caring professionals and they also offer a ring back service.
Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol.
DACA is a well established community based alcohol service providing a specialist advice,information and counselling service for anyone in West Dunbartonshire who is affected by their own or someone else's alcohol related problem.
Dumbarton Office
Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol
West Bridgend Lodge
West Bridgend
G82 4AD
Tel: 01389 731456
Fax: 01389 734690
Email: email@daca.org.uk
Clydebank Office
Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol
82 Dumbarton Road
G81 1UG
Tel: 0141 952 0881
Fax: 0141 952 0124
Email: clydebank@daca.org.uk
Community Addictions Teams (CATs)
What are Community Addictions Teams?
CATs are health and social services staff who work together in one team. If you need help with drug or alcohol problems, you can come to the CAT and they will arrange for you to see the best person who can help you. They also work closely with voluntary organisations, including DACA. 
Your local CATs are:
Leven Addiction Services: 01389 812018
CAT: Clydebank Community Addictions Team  0141 562 2311
                       Urgent Help