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Staff Contacts

Consultant Clinical Geneticists

Dr Rosemarie Davidson (Lead clinician) ([email protected])
Dr Margo Whiteford ([email protected]
Prof. Edward Tobias (Senior Lecturer & Honorary Consultant) ([email protected]) Dr Victoria Murday ([email protected]) Dr Cheryl Longman (Neuromuscular genetics consultant) ([email protected]) Dr Carol Gardner( Clinical Governanace Lead) ([email protected]) Dr Esther Kinning ([email protected])
Dr Shelagh Joss  ([email protected])  

Specialist Registrars

Dr Catriona Brown ([email protected])
Specialist Registrars usually remain with the department for the duration of their 4 year training programme or may rotate to other Scottish Clinical Genetics Centres

Genetic Counsellors and Nurses

Ms Margarita van Mourik - Consultant Gnetic Counsellor ([email protected])
Ms van Mourik organises the West of Scotland Commulity Genetics and Haemoglobinopathy Service and plays a major role in counselling families affected byFragile X syndrome and Familial Hypercholesterolaemia. She also provides support for patients with genetics conditions and their families including support for couples who have had terminations of pregnancy for genetics conditions. 

Ms Angela Iley  - Genetic Counsellor (Haematology Genetics) ([email protected]) Mrs Gillian Scott - Genetic Cousellor (Community Genetics) ([email protected])

Cancer Genetics Service

Ms. Catherine Watt - Principal Genetic Counsellor  ([email protected])
Mr. Mark Longmuir  - Principal Genetic Counsellor  ([email protected])
Ms. Lesley Snadden - Principal Genetic Counsellor ([email protected])
Ms. Nicola Bradshaw  - Macmillan Principal Genetic Counsellor  ([email protected])
Ms Sarah Gibson - Genetic Counsellor ([email protected])
The cancer genetics service provides comprehensive genetic counselling to individuals with a family history and / or a personal history of cancer,  This process involves constructing detailed and confirmed family histories, risk assessment, arranging screening and or genetic analysis/  testing where appropriate and providing ongoing support.  The service also participates in various U.K and international research studies.

Ms Denise Oxnard - Genetic Counsellor ( Cardiac Genetics) ([email protected])
Ms Oxnard works with Dr Victoria Murday to provide the cardiac genetics service for the West of Scotland.
Brian Smith - Genetic Counsellor ([email protected]) Brian Smith offers a Genetic counselling service to families affected by Huntingtons Disease and other neurodegenerative conditions such as CADASIL (cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leucoencephalopathy), Motor Neurone Disease and Alzheimer's. Brian also co-ordinates all DNA diagnostic and presymptomatic blood test work for these patients. The majority of his consultations are carried out in the patient’s home rather than at Outpatient clinics, enabling him to accommodate evening and weekend visits.
Ms Irene Parsons
- Genetic Clinic Nurse ([email protected]) Ms Alexis Duncan - Genetic Research Nurse ([email protected])

Family Support Nurses

Wilma Stewart - Muscular Dystrophy ([email protected])
Grace Macleod ([email protected])

Family Support Nurses provide services for patients with particular genetic conditions and their families. They have extensive knowledge of the practical difficulties encountered by families with affected relatives and may be able to offer advice and assistance with problems which arise frequently. These can include arranging life insurance, respite care, giving advice on financial problems and referring patients' to other professionals and agencies. It is often necessary to act as an advocate on the patients behalf when dealing with these agencies or as a link person. Counselling, including pre- and post- bereavement and support is offered to the families' in their own homes and a visiting service is offered to check on individual families situation and their future needs. These posts are charity funded.