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Clinic Locations

General Genetics Clinic

Clinics are held on weekdays at Level 1A, Laboratory Medicine Building, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.
Peripheral Clinics are held, usually monthly, at the following locations:

Crosshouse Hospital, Irvine
Wishaw Health Centre
Scottish Spina Bifida Centre, Cumbernauld
Inverclyde Hospital, Greenock
Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley
Cresswell Unit, Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary.
Forth Valley Hospital, Larbert 

All referrals should be sent to the Clinical Genetics Service at Southern General Hospital ( Laboratory Medicine ) and the patients will be offered an appointment at the nearest appropriate clinic.

Specialist Genetics Clinics

Neuromuscular genetics clinics

Weekly - at the Genetics Department, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.
Fortnightly - jointly with Paediatric Neurologists at Yorkhill Hospital
Weekly - jointly with Adult Neurologist at Southern General Hospital
Neurogenetics clinics

Jointly with Paediatric Neurologists at Yorkhill Hospital
Jointly with Adult Neurologist at Southern General Hospital
(monthly - mainly CADASIL)
Haemoglobinopathy clinics at Genetics Department, Southern General Hospital

Haemophilia clinics - jointly with haematologists at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Weekly
Cancer Genetic Clinics

Genetic counsellors provide regular clinics each week at Genetics Department, Southern General Hospital
Consultant Clinical Geneticists clinics weekly at Genetics Department, Southern General Hospital

Monthly satellite clinics at:

      Crosshouse Hospital, Ayrshire       Dumfries Royal Infirmary, Dumfries       Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert       Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Greenock       Monklands Hospital, Coatbridge       Ayr Hospital, Ayr       Maggies Centre , Wishaw Hospital, Wishaw   
Endocrine cancer clinic

Held jointly with endocrinologists at Western Infirmary, Glasgow, every four weeks

Neurofibromatosis clinic

Held monthly Developmental clinic
Jointly with community paediatricians, Child Development Centres, Glasgow
Joint Skeletal Dysplasia clinic

bi-monthly with paediatric endocrinologist, Yorkhill 

Cardiomyopathy clinic and Cardiac Genetics clinic

Cardiac Genetics clinics (Cardiomyopathies and cardiac arrhythmias) held weekly at Western Infirmary, Glasgow (joinly with cardiologists) and  at Genetics Feppartment , Southern General Hospital

Endocrine clinic

monthly with paediatric endocrinologist, Yorkhill Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis Clinic
bi-weekly at Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Craniofacial Clinic

monthly at the Southern General Hospital, Glasgow

Cleft Palate Clinic

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd weeks of each month, RHSC, Yorkhill